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Regional Divisions

Ghana is divided into ten administrative regions:

Region Regional Capital
Northern Tamale
Eastern Koforidua
Western Takoradi
Central Cape Coast
Upper East Bolgatanga
Upper West Wa
Volta Ho
Ashanti Kumasi
Brong-Ahafo Sunyani
Greater Accra. Accra (capital of Ghana)

The Republic of Ghana lies almost in the centre of the countries along the Gulf of Guinea (the West African coast). Its southern coast extends between latitudes 4½° North at Cape Three Points and 6½° North in the extreme east and is thus not far from the Equator. From the coast, the country extends inland to about latitude 11° North covering a distance of 672 kilometres from South to North. The distance across the widest part from east to west measures 536 kilometres. The country has a total land area of 239,460 square kilometres.To the east if Ghana lies the Republic of Togo, beyond which are Benin and Nigeria. On the west is La Côte d’Ivoire and on the north is Burkina Faso. Ghana’s coastline is 560 kilometres of mainly sandy beaches.


The country had tropical vegetation of dense tropical rain forest which tails off into savanna and grassland towards the north and the coast. There are a few mountains and several hills rising to a height of 900 metres and above. The highest mountain, Afadzato, is 1,500 metres above sea level . Several big rivers criss-cross the country, the most import being the River Volta which has been dammed at Akosombo and Akuse for two hydro-electric power generation plants. The large lake formed is navigable for a distance of about 400 km and motor vessels now ply its waters carrying passengers and goods from the south of the country to the north and vice versa. Other big rivers are the Pra, Ankobra and Tano. Among the smaller rivers are the Densu and Ayensu which provide Winneba and parts of the capital, Accra, with pipe-borne water. The largest natural lake in the country is Bosomtwi with a total area of 48 square kilometers and reaching depths of 72 metres in some parts.

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